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Kashmiri shawls were high-fashion garments in Western Europe in the early- to mid-19th century. Paisley shawls, imitation Kashmiri shawls woven in Paisley, Renfrewshire, are the origin of the name of the traditional paisley pattern.Shawls were also manufactured in the city of Norwich, Norfolk from the late 18th century (and some two decades before Paisley) until about the 1870s.

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A Typical Kashmiri Pandit Marriage Kashmiris first match the teknis (horoscopes) of the prospective bride and groom. Besides this, the other factors which are taken into consideration while selecting a match are the background, status and moral character of the family of the prospective match and their close relatives.

Kashmiri Weddings are full of joyful and traditional ceremonies. The first step towards a Kashmiri wedding is the matching of the horoscopes or teknis of the prospective bride and groom. Emphasis is also laid into matching the background, status and the reputation of the family of the prospective match.

Shawls have been woven in Kashmir since about the eleventh century, but the industry producing what we refer to as a Kashmir shawl is thought to have begun during the.

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Kashmiri Brides/so beautiful  Bridal Dresses Online – Cbazaar – Buy Indian Wedding Bridal Dresses Collections. Indian weddings are known for their culture, tradition and heritage. The most important aspect to look out for in an Indian wedding is the dress worn by both the bride and the groom.

Indian bridal dresses are famous for their gorgeous and rich forms. The quintessential makeup and accessories is a supplement to the grandeur of the attires. While sarees are common, the traditional bridal wears show interesting. Kashmiri Bride. The traditional bridal dress is called the.

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